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Against the Islamist attacks : 10 emergency measures which are still relevant today to defend the French security and identity

Islamist terrorist attacks are occurring at an increasing rate in Europe and yet no significant action has been taken. The French government is stunned and finds itself completely entangled in ideological hallucinations and taboos which prevent it from taking the necessary measures.

Les Identitaires had called for the immediate implementation of several emergency measures to ensure public safety following the attacks in Paris on November 13th. It might be worth recalling these measures :

  1. Complete freezing of legal immigration
  2. Increased fight against illegal immigration and in favour of the expulsion of illegal immigrants
  3. Return to national borders to help prevent the entry of any new jihadists on our soil
  4. Administrative closure of radical mosques
  5. Complete freezing of any new construction of mosques
  6. Ban of Islamist organizations (Salafist, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood or the UOIF)
  7. Expulsion of all foreigners linked to an islamist network in our country
  8. Firm application by revoking or withdrawing their French nationality to any binational involved in a jihadist network, and inadmissibility
  9. Large suburban disarmament plan and increase of human and material resources for the police and army
  10. Breaking the indecent links maintained by the French State with countries financing jihadism

If this government or the next does not apply those measures unabatedly, it will be seen as accomplice of the terrorists that are sure to target France over the coming months.