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Bloc Identitaire becomes Les identitaires

Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Dear friends, dear comrades,

Reality changes constantly and imperceptibly, new realities appear. When confronted with this evolution, several attitudes have been noted. The first one, fairly widespread in mankind, which can be found daily amongst many leftists, is to deny the reality of it all, to bend it and create a fake reality which is more pleasant to bear. It is, for example, the famous « Yes, there may be many veiled women, but do not forget that many immigrants are doctors or scientists and all they bring us. »

When it comes down to political action, reality imposes its law : following it is to be in motion. That is the sole condition of effectiveness.

The identiaire movement has endeavoured to fulfil this condition since 2002. First with the Jeunesses identitaires, then with the Bloc Identitaire, which came as reinforcements, the same Bloc that we have transformed into a political party in 2009. Then appeared came L’Autre Jeunesse and Génération Identitaire. Each time, the change answered an imperative development occurring in a different context.

Over the last years, we have stopped any electoral confrontation with the Front National. We did not persist in a hopeless competition. We tried to place ourselves in a complementarity action. Everywhere, our activists have acted where FN militants could not. Furthermore, everywhere, often, we acted where no patriot movement was.

We imposed our methods, our slogans, our struggles, in the media landscape. We did not merely want, we always pushed further our capacity for action. Remember ! Over the last few years, from the occupation of the mosque in Poitiers to the bridges blocked in Calais, from the Marche des Cochons in Lyon to the meetings held to develop the concept of re-migration, everywhere, Les Identitaires weighted with all their physical courage and political willingness in order to serve France and Europe the best one could and should.

Europe ! Europe is not the least of our success. Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, we shared our political line, our methods of action, creating local identity movements.

With these successes, one year away from a decisive presidential election that might see deep political upheavals, the identity movement decided to reorganise itself.

Generation Identitaire will continue its journey under its name. With over 2000 members and strong of 113,000 supporters on Facebook, it is one of the largest youth movement in France. All that without a penny of public subsidies contrary to all the youth organizations of the big mainstream parties.

On July 1st, The Bloc Identitaire became the association movement Les Identitaires.

Les Identitaires will be a centre of agitation and training. Being the only one able to deliver an identity label, it will be the launch pad of the main identity offensives, via agitprop or via the penetration of our ideas throughout the French society, both being also closely linked, a field action being the projection of a thought, a translation of a formula.

Les Identitaires will be led by two national directors :
Jean-David Cattin, 31, business economist, National Director – Training.
Fabrice Robert, 44, company director, National Director – Actions.

Born at the beginning of the century, the identity movement has changed, is changing and will change again. Only one thing will remain unchanged : the will of its leaders and activists to lead the fight for France and Europe whatever the cost. Because in identity rests the freedom of a people, and because no man can truly live without freedom, patriots and identitaires will never have to walk alone while we are here.

You can count on us. We are counting on you.
Les Identitaires

PS : Members of the Bloc Identitaire will receive a new Les Identitaires membership card with the same expiry date.

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